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AKW Group Enterprise is a provider of diversified products with premium quality, top professional consultant and lowest price of resource access through our investors, Manufactures ,producing products professionally ,and AKW Group ‘s responsibility is to conduct the Management, Marketing Strategy ,Commercial business negotiation and solution-centric for the specific request from clients and customers.

  • Our factories and products

    Cement: ZhenJiang DanTu YuanFa building material Co.,Ltd
    Steel Bridge :ZhenJiang Road Bridge Co.,Ltd
    Marchinery: ZhenJiang Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
    Chemical Products: ZhenJiang Chemiaro Co.,Ltd
    Brushes for Civil use and Industrial use: ZhenJiang HairBrush Co.,Ltd


  • Capacity:

    We meet the needs of an extensive depending on  clients and customers by offering a broad   range of product platform, which spans a growing selection of customized commercial and personal lines products.


  • Responsibility:

    We continuously evaluate and respond to changing market dynamics so we can quickly address the evolving needs of our producers, effectively meet market challenges, and take advantage of emerging business opportunities. This practice enables us to adopt a demand-driven approach to product development that  customized solutions and excellent service for our customers and clients.