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    Characteristics: reduce the chance of damage of steel rope by double capstan design; fast but stable pulling and hoisting at rather even speed; need only one person to pull the rope and wind it on reel at ease; belt-pulley power transmission driven by engine; reliable brake system; ...Read More

  • Alternator

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    Using YAMAHA power load 4 stroke, OHV engine, high horse power, low oil consumption and high durability, is the perfect embodiment of YAMAHA advanced launching technology.Read More

  • Electric Welding And Power Generation Dual Purpose Machine

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    Electric Welding And Power Generation Dual Purpose Machine

    The power generation electric welding machine is a new type of product. It adopts 6 phase half wave rectifying.Read More

  • Special Wire Rack For Stretch Machine

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    Special Wire Rack For Stretch Machine

    The cross head assembly has one hundred percent interchangeability, which conforms to international stretch and standard.Read More

  • Trochlear

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    Holding a floating wire for erectingRead More

  • Cable Conveyer

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    Cable Conveyer

    Cable conveyer is suitable for large-scale urban power grid transformation, suitable for large section, long distance cable laying, reducing labor intensity and improving construction quality.Read More

  • Twisted Wire Rope

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    Twisted Wire Rope

    When the tension is under the free state, the rotation angle of the wire rope is equal to 0, and the synthetic torque is equal to 0, which is suitable for the field of non rotation of various required wire ropes.Read More

  • Trailer Tractor 2162

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    Trailer Tractor 2162

    The model design for single axle trailer, compact structure, convenient installation, convenient transportation. The model with tension machine is mainly used for large span tension in mountainous areas, hilly terrain of the 220kV show double split LGJ-400 and below the wire.Read More

  • Double Hub Fast Winch

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    Double Hub Fast Winch

    Double hub fast winch is mainly used for UHV Tower installation, transmission line traction, ropeway traction and so on.Read More

  • Hydraulic Winch

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    Hydraulic Winch

    hydraulic winch adopts a modular design concept, using the world's most advanced Germany, Italy and Japan imported components, a gasoline engine, reducer, brake, variable pump and motor, overflow valve, double drum and tank standard module.Read More

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