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Asphalt Mixing Station Operating Status

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Before starting the machine, should be removed near the conveyor belt scattered material; first no-load start, until the normal operation of the motor can only load work; equipment with load operation, the need to set up a special person to track the equipment inspection, timely adjustment of tape, Asphalt mixing Station observe the equipment running To see whether the abnormal sound and abnormal phenomenon, exposed instrument display is working properly and so on. If abnormalities are found, the reasons should be identified and excluded. After the end of each class work, the equipment should be a comprehensive inspection and maintenance; high temperature sports parts, after each shift must be added to grease; cleaning air compressor air filter and air separator separator; Asphalt mixing Station check air compressor lubricants The oil level and oil quality; check the oil level and oil level in the reducer; adjust the tape, the tightness of the chain, replace the tape and the link if necessary; clean the dust in the dust collector and the debris scattered in the site , Waste, keep the venue clean. The problem of inspection in the work of the mountain after the class should be completely ruled out, Asphalt mixing Station and do a good job of running records. In order to grasp the full use of equipment.

Asphalt mixing equipment is mechanical and electrical integration of equipment, more complex, poor operating environment, to ensure that equipment failure, the crew to do "three ground": ground inspection, ground maintenance, ground maintenance. "Three seized": equipment before the start check, run check, Asphalt mixing Station check after the shutdown. Do a good job of equipment and regular maintenance work, do the "cross" operations (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, corrosion), good management, good use, good equipment, Asphalt mixing Station to ensure good rate and utilization, Parts, in strict accordance with the equipment maintenance requirements for maintenance.

Do routine maintenance work, in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment maintenance. During the production to eye, ears, abnormal conditions immediately stop maintenance, avoid sick work. When the equipment is running, it is forbidden to carry out maintenance and commissioning work. Asphalt mixing Station The key parts to arrange personal monitoring. We should reserve the vulnerable parts and study the cause of the damage. Carefully fill in the operation of the operating record, the main record of what happened, what phenomenon, but also how to exclude and how to prevent the situation, the operation of the record as a first-hand information has a good reference value. Trouble during production to calm and calm, avoid irritability, Asphalt mixing Station as long as the law, patient thinking, any failure can be a very good solution.

1. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication list.

2. The vibrating screen is inspected according to the maintenance instructions.

3. Check if the airway is leaked.

4. Blocking of large particle size spill pipes.

5. Control room dust, too much dust will affect the electrical equipment.

6. After disabling the equipment, clean the mixing door.

7. Check and tighten all bolts and nuts.

8. Check the screw conveyor shaft seal lubrication and the necessary calibration.

9. Check the hole to check the agitation drive gear lubrication, the appropriate addition of lubricating oil.