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Excavating Machinery Precaution

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Excavators are excavators that excavate material above or below the receiving surface with a bucket and load them into transport vehicles or earth-moving machines that are unloaded to the stockyard. Excavation of the material is mainly soil, coal, sediment and pre-loose rock and ore. Excavating machinery is divided into single-bucket excavator and multi-bucket excavator two categories.

Mining machinery generally by the power plant, transmission, walking and working equipment and other components. Single bucket excavators and bucket wheel excavators and turntables, multi-bucket excavators and material handling devices. Power plant diesel engine, motor, diesel generator or external power converter unit. Diesel engines and motors are mostly used in medium and small excavators, with a single prime mover centrally driven, the two interchangeable. Diesel generator sets and external power converter unit for large and medium-sized mining machinery, decentralized drive with multiple motors. The walking device is mainly used to support the machine so that the machine can change its working position and transfer work sites. In addition, the bucket of the bucket-type excavator and the ring-wheel excavator cut the soil as the walking device continuously walks. Walking devices are crawler, tire, pedestrian, rail line, float and other types of hanging. The work site is fixed, and the crawler type is required when the ground pressure is lower than the grounding pressure. The tire type is used when the work site is changing. The special rail must be erected due to the special construction conditions. Bucket excavator walking device without power source, the use of trailer-type; job site is fixed, the machine weight, with a walk. Pedestrian walking devices are mostly used in large and medium dragline excavators and bucket wheel excavators in single bucket excavators.

The working equipment is the main part of the hydraulic excavator. The SY series excavator is equipped with a backhoe working device. It is mainly used to excavate the soil below the stop surface, but also can excavate the soil below the maximum cutting height, in addition to digging, Ditching, loading can also be a simple site formation work. Excavation operations adapted to excavation Ⅰ ~ Ⅳ soil, Ⅴ level above with a hydraulic hammer or blasting means required. Backhoe work device consists of boom, bucket, bucket, rocker, connecting rod and contains the boom cylinder, arm cylinder, hydraulic cylinder and other major components, including working components.


(1) In strict accordance with operating procedures and driving essentials to operate, try to avoid shift "tooth" to reduce gear wear.

(2) Strict implementation of maintenance system, to strengthen the shift device maintenance. When the shift lever system improper connection should be promptly adjusted to ensure that the gear shift device performance is good

(3) pay attention to the self-locking mechanism maintenance and repair of the positioning effect of reducing or losing the positioning of positioning ball, spring and fork shaft, should be promptly repaired or replaced so self-locking mechanism self-locking in good condition .

(4) When assembling the transmission, it should be strictly operated according to the operating rules to ensure that all parts of the transmission are correctly adjusted and properly fastened. Larger downhill pavement, the driver should be strictly in accordance with the downhill action essentials operation, must not be illegal