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Excavating Machinery Steady Progress

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

With the "one side" and other international development strategies to deepen the implementation of the domestic mining machinery enterprises should seize the opportunity to strive to enter overseas markets. At present, Excavating Machinery Sanya, Xugong, Liugong, Zhonglian, Hengli hydraulic, Weichai and other enterprises in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Excavating Machinery Austria, Brazil, Excavating Machinery India and Indonesia and other countries to achieve the acquisition or construction, the internationalization of significant results The Export sales show that the pace of internationalization of mining machinery enterprises are steadily advancing.

2016 years 1 - October, Excavating Machinery sales of the top ten enterprises are: Sany, Carter, Xugong, Komatsu, Doosan, Hitachi, Liugong, Kobelco, temporary workers and mountains and rivers intelligent. International brands and domestic brands each 5.

The total sales of the above ten enterprises 44102 units, Excavating Machinery accounting for 77.7% of total sales, other enterprises total sales of 12,644 units. Excavating Machinery Which Sany Heavy Machinery to become the only sales in January and October over 10,000 enterprises.

Excavator industry since the peak sales in 2011, Excavating Machinery began to decline in 2012, experienced about 4 years after the fall, 2016 sales rose for the first time.

The market suddenly started, Excavating Machinery is a short rebound or long-term reversal, remains to be further observed. But the comprehensive international and domestic economic situation and the excavation of machinery sales over the years, mining machinery branch that the sales growth in addition to the rebound in the terminal market demand, but also by seasonal factors, post-disaster reconstruction, Excavating Machinery centralized disposal of two mobile phones and emission standards and other non-market factors Superimposed effect.

From the market structure, before 2010, Japanese brands occupy the dominant market, the market share of more than 1/3, Europe and the United States brand market share is basically stable, domestic brand market share gradually increased, Korean brand market share is down significantly. Since 2011, Excavating Machinery the domestic brand market share gradually expanded, 2016 January-October domestic brand market share of 50.7%, Europe and the United States brand market share of 17.3%, Japanese and Korean brand market share fell to 22.3% 9.7%. Has been the formation of domestic and international brands evenly divided market structure.

With the gradual maturity of China's excavator market, the market has reached a large volume of volume, once again by investment to stimulate sales of long-term explosive growth is unlikely, Excavating Machinery the future of second-hand phone replacement will become the most important source of the market. The club believes that the next few years, mining machinery market demand mainly from: second-hand mobile phone, Excavating Machinery real estate investment, infrastructure construction and machine replacement and other fields.

Generally believed that the life of excavation machinery for 6 to 8 years, Excavating Machinery taking into account the mining industry in recent years, relatively low operating rate, mining machinery life is closer to 8 years of life limit.

Branch that 2009 to 2011 peak sales of mining machinery will be in 2017 ~ 2019 period gradually entered the renewal period, the next three years will usher in the new mobile phone peak, Excavating Machinery and will become the largest market demand.

Excavation machinery generally by the power device, Excavating Machinery transmission, walking devices and work devices and other components. Single bucket excavator and bucket wheel excavator also turntable, multi-bucket excavator and material handling device.

Power units are diesel engines, motors, diesel generators or external power converter units. Diesel and motor are mostly used in medium and small mining machinery, Excavating Machinery with a prime mover to drive, the two are interchangeable. Diesel generator sets and external power supply units for large and medium-sized mining machinery, Excavating Machinery with multiple motor dispersion drive.

The walking device is mainly used to support the machine, Excavating Machinery to change the working position of the machine and to transfer the work site. In addition, the bucket of the chain bucket and the wheeled excavator cut the soil with the continuous walking of the walking device. Walking device with crawler, tire, walking, rail, Excavating Machinery floating and trailer and so on several.