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Hydraulic Paver Have Different Characteristics

AKW GROUP | Updated: May 18, 2017

Hydraulic Paver The faults produced by the hydraulic system at different stages have different characteristics:

Failure of one system debugging phase:

The failure rate of the system debugging phase is high, the problems are complicated, and the quality problems of design, manufacture, installation and management are intertwined. Hydraulic Paver Mechanical and electrical problems except common hydraulic system failures are:

1, the joint or the end cover is serious leakage;

2, because of stolen goods or oil, Hydraulic Paver the valve core card die or activity is not flexible, resulting in the failure of the implementation of the component;

3, blocking Nicon is blocked or leakage, Hydraulic Paver resulting in unstable system movements or pressure not to go up;

4, some valve components leakage of spring or seal, Hydraulic Paver even the pipeline is wrong to make the movement chaos;

5, some variable pump variable control wiring connection error.

Initial and medium-term failures of a system:

1, the joint vibration loose;

2, due to the poor quality of a few seals or poor assembly, in the short period of damage, resulting in oil leakage;

3, some components due to improper assembly in the use of damage.

Two devices run to medium-term failure:

When the equipment runs into the medium-term stage, Hydraulic Paver various types of hydraulic components due to operating frequency and load conditions, the various vulnerable parts have begun normal ultra-poor wear, the fault is characterized by the gradual rise in the failure rate, the Hydraulic Paver system internal and external leakage increases, system efficiency has decreased significantly. At this point, the hydraulic system and hydraulic components should be thoroughly inspected, the defective components and the effective components to repair or replace. This indicates that the equipment is going to be repaired or overhauled.

Accidental accident

This kind of fault characteristic is accidental mutation, the fault area and the cause is obvious, there are non-man-made and man-made factors, such as accident collision, the components of obvious damage; internal spring rupture; the pipe burst; the electromagnetic coil burns out of the piping system, the sealing ring breaks; improper installation of components, and the failure caused by the working environment in the process of use.

The fault of the hydraulic system is concentrated on the paver, and the malfunction of the equipment is in the medium term, which occupies most of the contingency faults.

The hydraulic system of paver includes walking, scraping material, stirring cage, as well as tamping, leveling, lifting, hopper and other parts, the following parts are analysed separately.