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Hydraulic Paver The Principle

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

In the use of paver, do a good job of hydraulic system maintenance work, Hydraulic Paver can greatly reduce the failure. General should note the following:

   (1) hydraulic oil before adding hydraulic tank, Hydraulic Paver should be used to clean the container oil, hydraulic oil must be filtered through the oil filter and then add the hydraulic tank; hydraulic oil replacement cycle depending on the quality of the oil used (generally 1000h replacement time ); Hydraulic Paver Replacement of hydraulic oil should be carried out at the operating temperature; in order to ensure good cooling of the hydraulic system, but also regularly clean the hydraulic oil radiator.

(2) As the asphalt paver construction environment is generally poor, hydraulic oil filter replacement cycle should be shortened (generally 750h is appropriate), the replacement of the new filter should be checked, Hydraulic Paver is strictly prohibited the use of deformation, pollution or rust Filter element.

(3) in the daily start of the engine work, should first idle operation for some time, Hydraulic Paver and then manipulate the implementation of the implementation of components, which is conducive to the use of hydraulic pumps.

(4) As a result of long-term use of paver, the hydraulic system parameters will sometimes change, therefore, should regularly check the hydraulic system parameter settings, in time to be adjusted.

Hydraulic system failure is often the result of multi-faceted factors, Hydraulic Paver so the analysis of the fault must be clear before the principle of the hydraulic system, Hydraulic Paver characteristics, and then according to the fault phenomenon to judge. There are some tips on finding the cause of the fault on the site. The most common method is to reverse the components, remove the load, Hydraulic Paver etc., if the reverse component failure also reversed, it is proved that the component is a problem; if removed Load, failure disappeared, Hydraulic Paver the problem is also understood.

In short, there is a purpose, there is a direction to gradually narrow the scope of the fault to determine the fault area, location or a hydraulic component is necessary, avoid chaos, chaos. To avoid the blindness of the analysis, because the hydraulic flow within the pipeline flow conditions, parts of the hydraulic parts of the action, seal damage, etc., is intangible, invisible. Statistics show that more than 70% of the hydraulic system failure directly or indirectly from the maintenance of improper or hydraulic oil pollution. Therefore, Hydraulic Paver it is important to maintain the cleanliness and good maintenance of hydraulic fluids.

Before designing the valve block, Hydraulic Paver first determine which part of the oil line can be integrated. The number of components included in each block should be moderate components too many valve block volume, design, processing difficulties; too few components, integration is not significant, Hydraulic Paver resulting in material waste. Taking the hydraulic system of the billet continuous casting machine as the first steelmaking plant of Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Hydraulic Paver Ltd., the hydraulic system adopts the control system of the plug valve to control the system flow and the operation precision is high, and the reliability of the system is put forward. Billet shears hydraulic.

Hydraulic valve block design, the oil circuit should be as simple as possible, to minimize the deep hole, oblique hole and process hole. The aperture in the valve block must be matched with the flow rate. In particular, it should be noted that the holes must be filled with sufficient flow area, Hydraulic Paver and the direction and position of the inlet and outlet ports should be matched with the overall arrangement of the system and the pipe connection The operation of the installation process, there are vertical or horizontal installation requirements of the components, must ensure that after installation to meet the requirements.