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Hydraulic Paver The Principle

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

Clean the cooler. In order to ensure the normal cooling of hydraulic oil, oil cooler should be cleaned after 250 hours of work, first use a solvent to dissolve the dirt, Hydraulic Paver then use hose rinse or use steam flushing, flushing direction should be contrary to airflow direction, that is, from the exhaust side of the cooler;

The engine of the cylinder cooling fins cleaning, Hydraulic Paver cleaning should let the engine run for a few minutes, the residual water heating evaporation to prevent rust.

In the use of paver, do a good job in the maintenance of hydraulic system, Hydraulic Paver can greatly reduce the failure. General attention should be paid to the following points:

(1) Hydraulic oil before joining the hydraulic tank, Hydraulic Paver should be used clean container oil, hydraulic oil must be filtered by oil filter before adding the hydraulic tank; the replacement cycle of hydraulic oil depends on the quality of the oil used (general 1000h replacement); Hydraulic Paver the replacement of hydraulic oil should be carried out at operating temperature; In order to ensure the good heat dissipation of the hydraulic system, Hydraulic Paver the hydraulic oil radiator should be cleaned regularly.

(2) Because of the poor construction environment of asphalt paver, the replacement period of hydraulic oil filter should be shortened (generally to 750h advisable), Hydraulic Paver the replacement of new filter should be checked, strictly prohibit the use of distorted, polluted or rusty filter.

(3) in the daily start of the engine work, should be idle after a period of time, Hydraulic Paver and then manipulate the work of the implementation components, which is conducive to the use of hydraulic pumps.

(4) Because of the long-term use of paver, Hydraulic Paver its hydraulic system parameters will sometimes change, therefore, should be regularly checked the hydraulic system parameter settings, timely adjustment.

The failure of hydraulic system is often the result of multiple factors, so we must know the principle and characteristic of the whole hydraulic system before analyzing the fault, then judge it according to the fault phenomenon. Lack of testing equipment on site Find fault reasons there are some tips, Hydraulic Paver the most commonly used method is to reverse the component, remove the load, and so on, if the reverse component failure is also reversed, it is proved that the component is a problem, if the load is removed, Hydraulic Paver the problem is also understood.

In short, there is a goal, the direction of the gradual reduction of the fault range, determine the fault area, parts or a hydraulic element is very necessary, Hydraulic Paver should not be torn apart, disorderly repair. To avoid the blindness of analysis, because the fluid flow in the hydraulic pipeline, the parts of the hydraulic parts of the action, seal damage, such as the situation, is not to be felt, Hydraulic Paver invisible. Statistics show that the hydraulic system more than 70% of the fault directly or indirectly from the maintenance of improper or hydraulic oil pollution. Therefore, Hydraulic Paver it is very important to keep the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and maintain the good maintenance.