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Li San Yim Charity Foundation Donated 1 Million RMB To Flood- Ravaged Area In Lian’cheng, Fu’jian Province

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

On July 29th morning, Li San Yim Charity Foundation held 7.22 super floods disaster donation ceremony in Lian’cheng, Fu’jian province and donated 1 million RMB to the disaster area. This is the largest flood compassion donation that Lian’cheng has ever received.

Li San Yim Charity Foundation was founded in 2007 by Li San Yim, a well-known entrepreneur and well-respected standout of Longyan City with its aim at carrying forward humanitarianism, supporting social charities andpublic welfare undertakings, promoting harmonious development of society and its commitment to social charities and public welfare services including education, culture, health, etc. The Foundation concerns and supports Liancheng’s education, the poor, the weak and development of other social undertakings with an accumulative donation over 3 million RMB. 

Liancheng 7.22 super-flood tugged at heartstring of entrepreneurs and warm-hearted people from different walks of life. After knowing news that flood hit Lian’cheng, Li San Yim Charity Foundation decided to donate 1 million RMB immediately. That’s not only assistance to disaster relief and reconstruction, but also representation of traditional Chinese virtuethat “when trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters”. 

In the donation ceremony, Lin Renfang, former chairman of Long’yan Political Consultative Conference and director of Li San Yim Charity Foundation transferred 1 million RMB to Lin Ying’Jian –Liancheng County Party Secretary, witnessed by Fu Xin’cai, former vice chairman of Political Consultative Committee and other main leaders from Lian’cheng County government.