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Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Installation Work

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

The hydraulic device of paver in any work, whether it is maintenance, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver repair or replacement, cleanliness is extremely important. and the hydraulic device and all the connecting elements should be thoroughly cleaned before disassembly, and the removed fittings should be cleaned, because only in this way can the subsequent installation work be carried out under clean conditions.

The simple diagnosis technique is called the subjective diagnosis method, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver it is based on the fault diagnosis personnel's view, listens, touches, smells, questions and so on the basis of the strong subjective factor to diagnose the hydraulic system fault. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver This method can only qualitatively judge the fault condition of the hydraulic system of asphalt concrete paver, and the accuracy is poor.

The latter two diagnostic techniques are more advanced, generally in the development of electronic technology and computer technology on the basis of the appearance, also known as objective diagnosis method, can be more accurate and quantitative to the system in a certain operating state monitoring, thus determining the fault situation. However, using the fault tester to diagnose the hydraulic system of asphalt concrete paver, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver it must be connected to the tested part beforehand and the diagnosis work is more tedious.

Check whether the hydraulic pump is rotating, whether the oil tank is adequate, and whether the oil-suction filter and the pipeline are plugged.

Check the suction oil filter Vacuum gauge, pressure at 25kPa to replace the oil filter; Mechanical Hydraulic Paver In the pressure back road to measure pressure, such as pressure is very small, check to replace the overflow valve. Pump does not drain oil, replace pump or pipeline, pressure fluctuation, excluding suction tube intake phenomenon.

(1) Check whether the liquid level of the tank is too low. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Experience has shown that oil temperature is often due to oil shortage due to fuel tanks, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver so the lack of oil should be supplemented in time.

(2) Hydraulic oil filter and circuit is blocked.

(3) Whether the radiator is normal. Heat sinks such as adhesion of a large amount of dust, can lead to poor heat, so that the oil temperature rise. Because the paver work environment dust more, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver so the radiator should be cleaned up in time.

(4) Whether the quality of hydraulic oil is qualified. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver If the oil quality is not qualified, it will also cause the system oil temperature too high.

Paver sometimes occurs left and right cloth feeder does not work, the reason is generally the fault of the oil replenishment system. The reasons for the low pressure of the replenishment system are as follows: The oil inlet of the fuel pump is not smooth, the pressure of the overflow valve is low, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver the fault of the pump itself; General should focus on checking the oil pump and overflow valve.

Paver can sometimes occur on both sides of the hopper can not be closed normally, except for a small amount of machinery (hopper is stuck) and electrical fault (electrical switch contact bad, etc.), is generally a hydraulic system failure, the reason may be:

(1) Insufficient thrust of hopper cylinder. The reason is the leakage of hydraulic oil in the hopper cylinder. First of all, the piston seals should be inspected, the aging or wear of the sealing ring will cause the hopper cylinder thrust is insufficient, need to replace if necessary; Mechanical Hydraulic Paver if there is no problem in the sealing ring, then the gap between the cylinder and the piston should be checked, and the cylinder wear can make the gap too large, so that

Check if found in the hopper cylinder no hydraulic oil, it may be overflow valve fault caused its long-term in the open state, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver so that the hopper cylinder no oil inflow. It is necessary to check the overflow valve if there is dirt in the entry.

(2) The pressure of hydraulic pump is insufficient. Hydraulic pump is generally caused by leakage, if the hydraulic pump itself for internal leakage, if the seal wear is external leakage, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver if necessary, timely replacement of wear parts; In addition, because of too little hydraulic oil or hydraulic pump oil filter plugging caused by hydraulic pump does not suck oil,Mechanical Hydraulic Paver the same will reduce the pressure of oil supply, at this time the pump in operation will be issued a larger noise, so can be based on the pump gear meshing sound is normal to judge.