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Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Rapid Development

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

With the rapid development of China's transportation, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver energy and other infrastructure construction process, in recent years, large and medium-sized construction machinery demand and holdings of continuous and rapid growth. In many construction machinery, especially in imported equipment, the use of hydraulic transmission and full hydraulic drive is very common, such as tunnel boring machine, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver shield, large tons of beam vehicles, cranes, lift trucks, and paver, mining Machine, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver bulldozer, hydraulic closed loop can sand low, compact structure and easy to achieve stepless speed, in the construction machinery walking system has been widely used. But also open loop compared to the closed loop design, installation and maintenance and maintenance have a higher difficulty and technical requirements. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver The following combination of our open 100t flatbed truck hydraulic drive system, analysis of closed loop technical requirements and installation, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver commissioning, maintenance features.

The system consists of four parts: the proportional variable pump, the proportional variable motor, the flush valve and the tank, and the radiator assembly.

Hydraulic components selection and parameter setting design First of all, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver according to the size of the load, select the appropriate system operating pressure and motor displacement, you can choose high-speed motor plus wheel reducer (speed range, low price). If a single motor is difficult to meet the driving force requirements, you can choose multiple sets of motors in parallel drive, in the 100t flatbed truck, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver we used eight displacement of 28.1cm3 / r high-speed motor (plus the speed ratio of 38.6: 1 round Side reducer) in parallel. Next, the displacement of the main pump 3 is selected according to the vehicle speed requirement. Can also use multi-pump parallel fuel supply program. In this case, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver we are using two pumps in parallel with the oil. The displacement of the charge pump 4 can be selected from 10% to 30% of the displacement of the main pump. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver The main function is to compensate for the leakage of the main circuit (between the variable pump and the variable motor). Excessive charge pump or excessive charge pressure will cause the oil temperature to rise. In this case, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver the charge pump displacement is 20cm3 / r. The function of the flushing valve 15 is to overflow the excess oil from the main circuit and to renew the purpose of circulating the oil medium in the main circuit. General walking machinery In order to reduce the weight or by the space position limit, the hydraulic tank volume is small, usually need to return to the road plus radiator. There are five pressure regulators (three relief valves and two sequential valves) in the pump unit, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver the valve 5 is designed with the fill pressure, and the valve 7 sets the main circuit operating pressure. Valve 6 is the main circuit unloading valve, when overloaded, can quickly open, so that the main pump displacement back to zero, play the role of rapid unloading, the temple pressure than the valve 7 high 0.5-1MPa.Mechanical Hydraulic Paver The action of the valve 10 and the valve 11 is the same as that of the valve 6 and the valve 7, respectively. In order to ensure that the flushing valve can be normal tea, the overflow pressure than the valve 5 valve 0.2-0.5MPa. In this example, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver the relief valve pressure of the temple valve 5 is 2.4 MPa. Valve 6 = 10 is 32.5MPa.

In the closed loop due to the absence of throttling losses, the main reason for the system temperature rise is high pressure overflow and leakage. Therefore, the cooling power of the cooler is calculated according to the fuel consumption.