P.O 52.5 Grade Cement

P.O 52.5 Grade Cement

Product Category: The leading products in our company are portland cement clinker and high-grade cement. The main general cements which produced by our company are portland cement, ordinary portland cement and portland slag cement. They are divided into three grades: P.O52.5、P.O42.5、P.C32.5. ...

Detailed description

Product Category:

The leading products in our company are portland cement clinker and high-grade cement. The main general cements which produced by our company are portland cement, ordinary portland cement and portland slag cement. They are divided into three grades: P.O52.5、P.O42.5、P.C32.5.

Application scope:

P.O 52.5 can make high-grade , super high-grade concrete and large span beams and so on.

 Items Units Specification Test Results  Test Method
 SiO2 % ≤ 22.0 21 EN 196-2
 Al2O3 % - 5
 Fe2O3 % - 3.1
 CaO % ≥ 60.0 61
 MgO % ≤ 5.00 2.75
 SO3 % ≤ 3.5 2.75
 K2O % - 0.45
 Na2O % - 0.15
 R2O (TOTAL ALKALI) % - 0.45
 Loss on Ignition,  (LOI) % ≤ 5.00 2.5
 Insoluble Residue % ≤ 5.00 0.55
 Chloride content % ≤ 0.10 0.02 EN 196-21
 Physical and Mechanical Properties
 Finess test    EN 196-6
 -   Blaine cm2/g ≥ 3200 4100
 -   Retained content on sieve45mm % < 12.0 10.3
 Time of setting Minutes   EN 196-3
 -   Initial set ≥ 75     < 420 130
 -   Final set  200
  mm < 10.0 1 EN 196-3
 Soundness  (LeChatelier)
 Compressive  strength MPa   EN 196-1

Application notice:

Our cements have many characteristics, such as the whole variety, high strength in early phase, modest setting time, stable quality and adaptable with admixtures and so on. To make sure that the characteristics of our cements can be given full play, please pay attention to following items when using:

1, Please Pay attention to the storage management and prevent moisture. Please take protective measures in transportation and storage. When truck loading in a rainy day, please cover with tarpaulin in time. The cements should be stored in dry conditions to avoid caking after moisture absorption. When it is used, please under the guideline of FIFO ( first in, first out). The Storage time should not be too long to prevent moisture and affect product quality and performance. Meanwhile please do not mix up cements with organic substance, such as sugar and chemical fertilizer, to avoid adverse reactions.

2, Please do not mixed use. For different varieties and strength grades of cements have differences in quality and performance. It must be piled up separately and used alone. The different varieties and different grades of cements of the same manufacturer can not be mixed used. The same variety and the same grade of cements of different manufacturers can not be mixed used.

3, Please select the variety and strength grade of cements reasonably. When using the cement products, please according to construction spot and the design requirements of strength grade of concrete to reasonably select the variety and strength grade of cements. Please avoid selecting high strength grade of cement to make low grade concrete or low strength grade of cement to make high-grade concrete and making improper dosage of cements contained in concrete to lead to adverse reactions, such as poor workability of concrete, high slump loss and so on. It will have uneconomic consequences in concrete production cost at the same time.

4, Please adhere to pre-mixture test. For different requirements of different projects, structures and positions, when using our cements, please must do mix proportion test in advance to determine the best mixture ratio. When using new variety of admixture or the dosage of admixture will change, please must do mix proportion test in advance and try to choose admixture with good adaptability. If some indicators or performances of our cements will be adjusted, we will inform you to do pre-mixture test in time to ensure that Concrete quality is stable and qualified.

5, Please attach importance to construction specification and maintenance work. Please strict control the quality of concrete admixture, such as sands, stones, water and so on. Water should not contain organics. Mud content in sands and stones should be low. High sulfur-containing, alkali-containing sands and stones should not be used. Concrete mixture ratio should be designed according to construction specification. The concrete should be mixed evenly. Water cement ratio should not be too large. Concrete vibrating should be modest to avoid mortar leakage. Please continuous concreting to avoid uneven distribution, segregation , and bleeding of Cement and dropping the cement strength. Please control temperature of admixture, when mixing concrete in high or low-temperature weather, to avoid too fast or too slow setting time of concrete. Please watering, covering and keeping wet in time, when the plasticity of poured concrete has lost, to avoid concrete cracking due to too dry. Please do not water too early and too much to avoid low bonding and low strength of concrete surface and to prevent dusting and peeling.

Product Quality

our cement products are all adopted new dry process technology system, online quality control system and means, and equipped with perfect Cement test facilities, such as advanced X fluorescence analyzer. Our factory has already got the certificates of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system. We strictly implement quality management and control according to quality system requirements and ensure that our cement quality meet the needs of the different markets and customers.

The cement which produced by our company has following outstanding feature in the construction:

1, The product quality is stable, quality fluctuation is small and cement rich strength is high.

2, The workability and admixture adaptability of concrete mixture which made by our cement are good.

3, The color of our cement is long-term stable and can be widely used in the surface of plain building.

4, The bleeding rate of the concrete which made by our cement is low.

5, The freezing resistance and abrasion resistance are good.

6, The volume stability of concrete which made by our cement is good. The concrete shrinkage and creep basically tends to balance in one concrete age. It has reached the domestic and international leading level.

7, The slump loss of concrete which made by our cement is little. It can meet the demands of concrete mixing plant which needs long distance transportation.


We will actively offer you related company information, product instructions, shipping and settlement process and market statistics. And we will research and understand the demand of your project construction and invite you to our company to conduct a field research. If you need, we will offer you product samples to provide your purchase decision with reference.

In-sale service

Our company establish a sales services team which is made up of sales, storage and quality control department technical personnel. During your process of buying and using our cements, we will do the following in time: 1, We will provide technical advice and on spot technical guidance. 2, Our quality control department technical personnel will use our technological level and force to closely track the status that engineered cement make concrete and provide technical support in time.

After-sale service

We will offer Cement warranty and sales invoice in time. We will track the usage of cement and gather your opinions of our products, shipping and service and timely and effectively deal with all kinds of problems. We always finish what we start and treat everyone frank. We maintain good customer emotional relationship and care our brand image.

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